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Source: Shutterstock What are some expectations we place on our boyfriends or male companions in a relationship? Why do some of us expect husband privileges from men we simply deem as boyfriends?

In dating relationships, many women often confuse the role of a boyfriend with that of a husband.

Do you believe dating and being monogamous coincide or must the relationship be defined?

  I think you should always define it, if monogamy matters to you. Everyone is different and if you're getting to know someone you don't know their philosophies about dating and relationships unless you ask.

I live in a small retirement community with few men my age (54,) so online dating gives me access to a much broader field.

It also means a much longer introductory phase, and an awkwardly pressured scenario – if on meeting we are not attracted. But in the course of the protracted conversation, when the tone becomes increasingly intimate and anticipatory, I have to repeatedly face the unexpected revelation that the man I am “involved” with is involved, literally, with someone else, typically, an old girlfriend who is now a sex partner and good friend.

I just feel the other people involved would be hurt if they knew the exchanges their lover is having with me, even if it’s just over the phone, and making plans to meet. To put a fine point on it: yes, you’re hopelessly mired in tradition. It’s a blind spot shared with pretty much every single person who is dating online. The most pervasive trait that I see in online dating is mind-numbing hypocrisy.

That doesn’t mean that it’s always fun or satisfying, but, when you compare it to the soul-shaking anxieties of dating (or the insidious self-doubt that can come with “open relationships”), monogamy is almost always the lesser of the relationship evils. Even if you find a partner who is PERFECT for you, shifting into a monogamous relationship requires some major changes in your everyday thinking.

Especially if you've spent most of your life hooking up or having casual sex.

Oh I definitely think the relationship should be defined. I would be upset if someone was sleeping with me regularly and didn't disclose he was having other partners as well but that is also a conversation I have.

I don't understand why someone would just assume things about a relationship they are in. That's how you eliminate broken hearts and wasted time. I think many women feel like they can't or shouldn't have the "what are we?

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HARRISBURG – Pennsylvania Attorney General Tom Corbett announced that a civil lawsuit was filed against a popular dating service accused of falsely inflating the number of singles available for dating in its network and misrepresenting the success rate, costs and other key elements of its dating services. Cohen, individually, and as former owner of Great Expectations, King of Prussia.