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(back to Chinese restaurant flashback) Waitress: They sent you a notice about this.

APARTMENT (back to Lily and Robin telling this story to Ted and Marshall) Ted: No way. Marshall: Yeah, the building would have had to give you some sort of notice. (Lily turns back to Waitress) Lily: She's dead, isn't she?

Any liens, such as those held by a bank or other lender, must be released by the lien holder before title can be transferred.

Though it's not required, the Michigan Department of State recommends that both the buyer and seller go to the secretary of state's office to complete the title transfer.

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Code 9526.5, EC 66018.55, GC 27300 Supermarket Club Cards – CC 1749.60 Video Rental Records – CC 1799.3, Voter Records – Elections Code 2166.7, 2194, 8023, 8105, 8202, 8204, GC 6254.24 Workplace Surveillance – LC 435 Disclosure of Personally Identifiable Marketing Information - CC 1748.12, 1785.19.5 As Inducements - B&P 17537.1 Conditional Offer - B&P 17537 Disclosure of Intent to Make a Sales Presentation - B&P 17533.8 (includes internet) Misleading - B&P 17537(a) Promotional Giveaways (see Promotional Giveaways) Cash Price - CC 1812.622(e), 1812.623(a)(5), 1812.644 Collection Practices - CC 1812.638 Contract Disclosures and Terms - CC 1812.623 Lost or Damaged Item - CC 1812.627 Maintenance of Item - CC 1812.633 Prohibited Acts - CC 1812.624, 1812.625, 1812.626, 1812.635, 1812.638 Four-Hour Requirement - CC 1722 Part Not Needed/Part Not Provided - CC 1770(a)(15),(a)(16) Service Contracts (see Service Contracts) Warranty (see Warranties) Warranty Repair Standards (see Warranties) Advertising - B&P 17550.15(k), 17550.1, 17550.2, 17550.24(f) Delivery of Tickets - B&P 17550.15(c)(3), 17550.17 Refunds - B&P 17550.14 Registration - B&P 17550.20, 17550.24 Trust Account - B&P 17550.15(b), 17550.16 Travel Consumer Restitution Fund - B&P 17550.35 , 16 CFR Part 3110 Contract Cancellation - B&P 17511.5(e), CC 1689.6 Disclosures - B&P 17500.3, 17511.5 "Do Not Call" Lists - 47 USC 227 (c)(1)(A), 47 CFR 64.1200 Fraud and Abuse Prevention - Attorney's Fees – CC 2988.9 Cooling off Period – CC 2985.8(e) Damages – CC 2988.5 Defenses – 2986.10 Definitions – CC 2985.7 Disclosures – CC 2985.71 Lease Contract, Contents of – CC 2985.8, 2986.4 Prohibited Practices – CC 2985.8(i), 2986.3, 2986.6, 2986.12, 2989.4 Recisions – CC 2988.7 Refunds of Down payments – CC 2986.13 Reports to Consumer Credit Reporting Agencies – CC 2987(g) Residual Value – CC 2988, 2989.2 Spanish Language forms – CC 2991 Assistive Devices - CC 1793.02 Buyer's Damages and Remedies - CC 1791.1(d), 1794, Com.

This creates the illusion the consumer does not owe anything towards the trade-in vehicle as part of the transaction.

In truth, however, the actual cash value paid towards the trade-in vehicle is less than the credit or lease balance owing, and the dealership adds the difference to the cash price of the new or used vehicle the consumer is purchasing.

, 16 CFR Part 260 False/Misleading - B&P 17500, 15 USC 45 Limit on Quantity (Unadvertised) - B&P 17500.5, CC 1770(a)(10) Manufacturer's Rebate - B&P 17701.5 Multiple Articles - B&P 17504, 17507, 17509 (includes internet) Ownership/Control (Misrepresentation) - B&P 17505, CC 1770(a)(1) Repair - CC 1770(a)(15) Telephonic Solicitations (see Telephone Sales) Television Picture Tubes (see Television) Toys (see Toys) Used/Defective Goods - B&P 17531 (includes internet), CC 1770(a)(6), (a)(7) Worth/Value/Former Price - B&P 17501, CC 1770(a)(13) General Provisions - B&P 6157.4 Immigration and Naturalization Services - B&P 6157.5 Prohibited Statements - B&P 6157.1, 6157.2, 6158.1 Electronic Media Compliance - B&P 6158, 6158.4 Complaints/Discipline - B&P 6158.4, 6158.7, 6159 Acceleration - CC 2983.3 Buyer Unable to Obtain Financing - CC 2982.9 Buyer's Claims and Defenses - CC 2983.7(a) Buyer's Remedies - CC 2982.7, 2983, 2983.1, 2984 Change in Contract Terms, Notice Of - CC 2982(h) Contents of Conditional Sale Contract - CC 2981.9, 2982 No "Cooling Off" Period - CC 2982(r) Deficiency Judgment - CC 2983.8 Prohibited Contractual Provisions - CC 2983.7 Rescission - CC 1689, 2982.9, 2983, 2983.1 Refund of Downpayment - CC 2982.5 2982.7, 2982.9 Reinstatement/Redemption - CC 2983.2, 2983.3 Repossession/Disposition - CC 2983.2, 2983.3 "Supervised Financial Organizations" - CC 2982.5 Venue - CC 2984.4 Accord and Satisfaction - Com. Code 670 Simulated - B&P 17539.1(a)(13), 22433 Stop Payment - CC 1719(b), Com.

Code 3311 Bad Check Law - CC 1719, PC 476a Defenses to Payment - Com. Code 4403 Treble Damages (Insufficient Funds) - CC 1719 Unauthorized Signature - Com. Code 4402 Duress defined - CC 1569 Elements - CC 1565 Fraud - CC 1571-1574 Liquidated Damages - CC 1671 Menace defined – CC 1570 Mistake - CC 1576-1579 Language Translations - CC 1632, 1689.7 Statute of Frauds (written contract required) - CC 1624, Com.

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Some of the useful properties are such as refractive properties, conductivity, hardness and optical properties.

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