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Title: Dangerous to Know Author: Keira Marcos Fandom: Stargate: Atlantis Pairing: Mc Kay/Sheppard Beta: Chris King and Ladyholder Rating: R (for themes and language) Word Count: 9,592 Warnings: Violence, gore, snark, arrogance, bragging, utter lack of fucking Summary: John and Rodney go on a mission with SG1 while they’re on Earth for a yearly debrief. “The teams on Atlantis never find me Ancient labs buried underground! ” “We just don’t take you to those,” John said conversationally from his place beside Rodney. “Can you two argue later and continue crawling down the mining shaft? “I mean, the average report coming out of a science mission on Atlantis is easily two hundred pages, not including attached data, supplemental readings, and translations.” “And you read them? The physics department on the city is currently investigating a device embedded in some rock on PYR-347 that allows for inter dimensional travel. I’m kind of looking forward to every horrible second of it when they finally do get it fixed.” “It won’t be horrible.

“Thanks for noticing.” “This is bullshit,” Rodney exclaimed. AR2 gets those missions and Zelenka is part of AR2. “I did mention in the report, Colonel Mitchell, that the shaft was probably a weapons outlet to defend the outpost from incursion.” “I’m sure you did,” Cameron said wearily. I honestly don’t think a summary would be out of the way.” “That’s actually pretty small,” John said. “Otherwise one of Rodney’s minions might tear a hole in realty when I’m not paying attention.

Le programme est plus ou moins à l'abandon et le colonel O'Neill est à la retraite.

Mais un commando extraterrestre avec des uniformes similaires à ceux des soldats de Râ traverse la porte et envahit la base du Stargate Command (SGC) sur Terre.

He likes crawling around in caves,” John said as they all started to move again. “You just said you didn’t want to crawl around in the dirt and you see the reports, so we aren’t keeping anything from you.

” “Stop acting like I’m a cheating husband in front of SG1, Mc Kay,” John said cheerfully.

longdesc=9894&referrer=3851" srcset=" sizes="(max-width: 867px) 100vw, 867px" / Title: Emotional Clockwork Author: Keira Marcos Fandom: SGA Genre: Romance, First Time, Humor, Minor Angst, Major Snark Pairing: Mc Kay/Sheppard — mentions of previous partners, sex with others, and multiple other pairings Rated: NC-17 (for language and sex) Word Count: 35,700 Betas: Ladyholder & Chris King Summary: At thirty-seven, John Sheppard came to the unfortunate and completely fucked up conclusion that he was in love with Rodney Mc Kay.

Mediziner der Klinik für Innere Medizin II um Professor Dr.

Wolfgang Rottbauer konnten nun in einer Studie nachweisen, dass ein während eines perkutanen Aortenklappenersatzes zusätzlich verwendetes Doppelfiltersystem drastisch das Risiko für einen Schlaganfall senkt.

John shimmied out on his own, and dusted himself off as Daniel Jackson tumbled out of the shaft much to Cameron’s amusement. Most gene carriers in the program end up on Atlantis,” Cameron said and looked around. ” “It’s our policy to have at least one gene carrier on every recon team,” Rodney said quietly and he turned to look at John. ” “Yeah, Rodney, I feel it.” John unclipped his P90, took a deep breath, and stepped closer to Rodney.

Rodney looked around the main room of the facility with a frown and held up a hand when Carter started to speak. The floor lit up under their feet and they both looked down.

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Still, we do have to wonder if Dev Ban ever gets jealous about her love for Zach. Minutes before that last shot the Doggie was asked about Natalie’s portrayal of Princess Amidala. Actually, to be fair, at least one Gummer (hi, Brandon) thinks Scar Jo’s performance is compellingly odd enough/Sitek’s production so naval-gazing, that it works …

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I did manage to update the navdata on my G600, do I need to pay for two subscriptions? Although you didn't state it, if you have a G600, you probably have two GNS430W/530W GPS units and each would require its own subscription if you want to keep them current.

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I can’t speak to Skype’s actual video chat performance across all supported platforms, but it behaved flawlessly on my Stratosphere phone and XOOM tablet. Of course, no app or service is without some negatives. When you start a new account, you might find it difficult to come up with a unique username, even if you’re just attempting to use your own real name.

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Topics typically discussed are: When to start medical treatment? , What does all this mean when I start to date others? For more information about Positive Connections, contact [email protected] call 786-873-8576.

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I love every I am black color x ft some, x lbs, plus well hung.

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App analytics company Applause recently completed a study of 97 dating apps to see which ones were meeting user expectations.

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(Sources: CNBC.com, other cable networks online, municipal real estate records, official sources online, Wikipedia, plus information presented on CNBC and other cable television; others where noted.) Most famous stock-picker of all time. Married Karen Backfisch, a trader in Steinhardt's firm, in 1988.

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North Korea is jewish dating site toronto a country in East Asia occupying the northern half of the. Dating is where two people who are attracted to each other spend time together to see if they also can stand to be around each other most of the time, if this is.